black and white; photographEvery now and then, people shape our lives with their words. Ferdinand Tönnies, notable German sociologist and contributor to the field of social sciences, will be visiting St. John Fisher College and mesmerizing us with his rhetoric. Due to the fame we hope to bring through this event, we are asking for e-mail confirmation of classes and/or professors that hope to attend (individual RSVPs are not needed). We have asked WHEC, WOKR, WROC, WUHF, and WXXI to televise the event, and CTV will host an exclusive interview with the famed writer, as a special “catch-up session” for interested students. Next week, the lecture will air in full on CTV with running commentary by Tara Ashraf.

This Thursday night, our campus will host a very special guest. His findings have been very significant for the field of sociology and communications. Over 900 pieces hold his name in the byline, but he will present from only one of them. His most recent piece, Schriften zu Friedrich von Schille, will be available for autographs and purchase after the presentation. His ingenuity and eclectic personalit, two traits that do not transcend literature, will surely be apparent in person. Through this visit to the campus, we hope to bring understanding to students and faculty alike of the vast contributions of Tönnies.

Parking is available in lots A & B. This is a campus-wide event and open to the public, but sociology and communications/journalism majors are strongly encouraged to attend.

For more info see:,%20Ferdinand/toennies,_ferdinand.htm

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