There can always be a democracy, because the ultimate goal of democracy is to fulfill what the majority wants. As much as it is “for the people,” it is not for all people, which we can see in our fractionalized audience. Since democracy’s definition is so often lost in what it has come to mean, this website describes what its original intentions were. Democracy, in 2010, is manifested in different ways today. This video shows how our system of government came about. Maybe it’s because I have lived in America my whole life, but I have a rosy outlook on democracy and what it means. Democracy can exist when there is not a clear public opinion. In elections, only the person that gets the majority of electoral votes is elected. With all the different opinions and values out there, it’d be impossible for anyone to get every single person’s vote.democracy would fail its supporters. However, democracy depends on what is known. If it is only people who are never seen who keep democracy in place, then the democracy will not be a true one. Democracy thrives on the interactions of people; many people would not vote if they were not encouraged to do so, and many people like to see those they know elected into positions of power. Polls, such as the Gallup poll, are effective because they measure what the people measured want and don’t want. Today, we do put the most stock in emotional appeals, much more than anything else. In this election commercial, we can clearly see the influence of the emotion. Democracy, as it is today, is a combination of what you know, who you know, and how you market yourself.