When I looked around, I found a recent study done by Thomas Kelleher and Barbara Miller in 2006. They conducted a study to see the advantages of blogs over traditional websites. Additionally, they examined the way interactive websites work to create a following for their site or blog visitors.

I found Kelleher’s official website, and the link to his personal page. He is currently teaching several Communications classes at the University of Hawaii. He even has the syllabi up for each class. He has a Twitter too: tkell is his username. He is not a regular tweeter, but always seems to respond to tweets. He could probably add more tweets, and maybe have his students tweet during movies, like we’ve done. He is on Facebook, but it is locked, and I’m sure that if he opened up the privacy, more fans of his book would friend him.

Barbara Miller was a little trickier to find. Google searches didn’t turn up results for several pages, although I eventually found her. Her Facebook, also locked, was much easier found than her affiliation with the college. I even found her dissertation. She should publish more work or receive more local publicity so that more people can find out more about her. I think she might benefit from a LinkedIn page, because she has published several pieces, and maybe for her next study, she could ask others.