Tara Ashraf

Kyle F. Reinson

Intro to PR

White Paper Assignment

                For my White Paper Assignment, I’d like to focus on a bagel shop near my house. The shop is called Bagel Jay’s, and has two locations in two places in Buffalo, New York. Bagel Jay’s is a local business. They serve a variety of bagels, juices, and other assorted breakfast items. Their platters are gorgeous and taste delicious. Obviously, I am a huge fan of their products so I will be a good spokesperson for the event.

                The good thing about this project is that Bagel Jay’s does not have an existing website. Their number and address are searchable on the Internet, but there is little beyond that. I’d like to include some reviews that I found online:

There is no finer place to get a great bagel in town. Their cream cheeses are superior to their rivals, and also, what they call an everything bagel is much closer to the mark than anywhere else around. Definitely the preferred bagel place. – Rachel Z.

Bagel Jay’s is normally never too busy when we go. They staff is always helpful and you are in and out in no time. Their new edition is their drive-thru. They have a great selection of fresh bagels, drinks and platters.—Beth Gosch

Both of those reviews are both informative and positive.

Though Bagel Jay’s has been around for several years, they only recently started to advertise on television.

After measuring capabilities of website-making software, I’d like to use Wix. The interface is simple and straightforward, and they make it easy for technologically-inferior people (ie: me) to use it. I will include links to ArtVoice (a local magazine that reviews restaurants, concerts, and events going on in the city of Buffalo), and include a Google map of how to get to each of the locations.

What I need to do:

–          Get menu/prices

–          Speak to a supervisor about approving the website

–          Find out backstory of Bagel Jay’s

–            See if they do catering (maybe they can book catering events online)

I’d like to make the site interesting. To this end, I will ask the supervisors of Bagel Jay’s if I can tape the store front, and then maybe some other parts of the store. I’d like to capture some interesting footage, so I’d probably want to get some close shots of the bagel-making process. I’d like to set up a feature that you can leave feedback—make a pretty generic e-mail address so that customers can get in contact with the workers. If it’s possible, I can add in “testimonials” and stand-ups of the owner.

Looking at other bagel websites: I’d like to add in an interactive map that shows where Bagel Jay’s is located. Since it’s only in New York, I’d add in a small map of the state, and pinpoint where the stores are. Bruegger’s already includes this so I’d put in a feature that if you sign up for the newsletter (generate more publicity!), you get a free bagel. That should be a good incentive to get more people interested in the store and maybe get more future customers. Maybe I’ll talk to the owners and ask them to make up t-shirts and hats with the Bagel Jay’s logo, and set up a webshop. Since good health is a major issue to many people, I can set up a menu with nutritional info on it. It might be a pdf or it might be listed with the prices. And if they do not have healthy options, maybe I can ask them to set up some “under-100” calories. If they do not already provide this, I can ask them to make a line of coffee that can be sold at Dash’s supermarket (another local business!)

I will set up a few different sections to the website: “about” “general info” “menu/prices/nutritional info” “employees” and then the interviews with employers at the site. I’d like to include an attachment where people can put in applications to work there!