Kelley is a stellar example of what COMM 27o requires! She completed every assignment well within the time frame, and with great attention to detail. She included multimedia: links and videos were sprinkled often on her site and made a blog that was both enjoyable and organized. Her blog had a unique blend of websites and images.

Rocco did an amazing job with his WordPress blog. He fully utilized all of the capabilities of WordPress to make a blog that was free of any errors, organization or otherwise. For his white paper, his ideas were achievable and cost-efficient and original. I think any business would be lucky to have him as their PR professional!

First of all, Pauleen has a great graphic on the very top of her blog. She had pictures nestled between text throughout her blog which broke up the content and had a very distinctive writing style, too. She also won the Fisher Fund video contest, which demonstrates her talents are beyond the ordinary classroom!