5 reasons why COMM 270 means more than 160 minutes a week:

For 62 years, St. John Fisher College has been a symbol within Pittsford for a small school with a big presence. In this class, I saw the way Fisher students have created that reputation themselves. Our Public Relations class has demonstrated to me the way a true Fisher class can work.

Public relations is an important part of organizations. Every business relies on a public relations department, whether they would like to admit it or not. Surprisingly, many people outside of the Communication world are unsure of what Public Relations is.

In this video, PRVideo tried to show people’s misperceptions of the Public relations field.

In a hilarious spoof I found on YouTube, public relations is compared to journalism.

1)    Transferable skills: In this class, we learned how to make an appealing blog. Blogs are different from websites in the sense that we had to market ourselves just as much as we had to market a business that we picked. Branding, a concept I learned of in my Media Issues class, came up in the creation of my blog. In this blog, the author Jacob Share gave a list of his tips to brand ourselves online. We saw, first-hand, that the blogs with the most pizzazz generated the greatest amount of viewers. To this end, students added videos that were relevant and made connections between our class and the assignments. This screen shot is of a blog created by one of my classmates who demonstrated the different functions of the blog and what can be done within a simple blog if it is organized well.

2)    Connecting the class with Interactive media: We used social media networks to work with each other and the instructor to find and share useful information. In our class, we saw this movie:

which gave a subversive look at what really happens behind “real” news. During the movie, we used Twitter to tweet to each other our thoughts and ideas about what the movie might mean to Public relations. Some people used Twitter to describe how our professional careers would be impacted by the content in the movie, if we work or plan to work in the news industry.

3)    Event managers/Promoters: Within this class, I learned how to plan and run an event. I am a member of the Service Scholars program here at St. John Fisher College, and our program is putting on a service trip to Jamaica to help Camp JASY. I put together an event where the class of 2011 Service Scholars did yard work for some professors from the College. Our instructor allowed me to promote my own event, and even ask for helpers from the class.

4)    Conduct Proper Research: To complete many of the assignments, we had to go digging through books such as:

In these books, tactics and ideals of some public relations figureheads were shared. Beyond that, there were also anecdotes and personal histories included to make for a clear representation of who those people truly were. We learned about the real public relations professionals. By reading these books and finding other material individually, we learned from their errors and things they did well to make an accurate assumption of what we should do to become true professionals ourselves.

5)    Look at two sides of every story: Our class got off to an interesting start, when we collectively made some blunders. But as we moved on in the class, we became comfortable with each other and with our capabilities. We learned, as every person in public relations knows, that there is always another side to the story. We learned how to bounce back, too, from our hideous mistakes, and create a truly enjoyable class. Our class was incredibly helpful and fun to be around…and made the 160 minutes pass by quickly.