So, I’ll admit it.  I’m scared.   I’ve never been far away from my family for more than six and a half weeks…and this time, it’ll be even longer.  But there are plans, trains, and buses.  Add that to the fact that my roomie has already started looking up times to come down, and I think it’ll be easy-peasy to overcome homesickness.

But I’m excited, too.  I’ll be interning at the Near East South Asian Center for Strategic Studies (which is totally a mouthful, but looks like an amazing opportunity for someone like me).  It’s my last semester, too, at my undergrad institution, but instead of feeling sad or nostalgic, I feel kinda like this guy:

This semester, I took a bunch of last-minute classes and let some of the socialization slide in favor of the work…I don’t expect that there won’t be a lot of work, but getting back to the city life—that will be a treat after three and a half years of suburbs.  Now, it’ll be a whole different ballgame.