Before our Intro to Public Relations course, I had only heard of Twitter. I had never actually used it. Instead of taking notes, our “notes” were to each other about what we heard. Because what we heard was so provocative, many people quoted the movie and added either a link or an opinion. Jessica Walter, one girl in the class, posted this: #war “The longer we stay, the stronger our enemies become”-John Weiss. Several people expressed exasperation at what was going on in the movie. Phil Martello, another classmate, tweeted: “#war civilians account for 90% of deaths?!? are our soldiers blind or are they just defending themselves?” His opinion seemed to follow what the majority of the American public think today:

Although we are still involved with the war, popularity and support for it has gone down drastically. Watching this movie and seeing other people’s reactions reminded me how biased the news truly is.

This YouTube video:

also explores the way news sources are not always impartial. Using Twitter during a class was a totally new experience!